The History of Moore Park Beach Arts Inc.

At Moore Park Beach Arts Inc. we celebrated our 20th anniversary on 21 January, 2022.

But how did we come about?
A group of local artists started meeting in 1998, with more and more artists and artisans joining the group for workshops and friendship.

“Founding member Muriel Patterson shares her memories from the early days through to what has now grown to become a much-loved community organisation. Muriel said it began more than two decades ago, when she and Leone Burgess formed a new friendship.

“It all began in 1998 when… Leona and I started meeting in the shelter near the Moore Park Beach caravan park, we would take along a painting or craft piece that we were working on; two others soon joined us,” she said”.

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Then, in 2000, it was decided to formalise the group, and shortly after, in January 2002, Moore Park Beach Arts Inc. was incorporated.

From the original footprint of workshops and due to their ever-growing popularity, we are looking at running more workshops in 2023. With this expansion, we are planning to move forward to the new Community Hub Annexe being built next to the Community Centre to run these workshops and perhaps even more art exhibitions.

But for now, the annual Moore Park Beach Arts Festival has been a popular event, not only for Moore Park Beach residents but for those around the Bundaberg region and beyond.

The Festival, held in August each year, has evolved over the years and now starts with a junior launch on the Friday, with art awards on the Friday night and a one-day festival on the Saturday.

Our group works with local community organisations, such as the Moore Park Beach Community Association and Moore Park Lions. Together we join forces and hold additional events during the year, including Christmas Carols and Markets, and Australia Day celebrations.

At Moore Park Beach Arts Inc., we enjoy working with all local community groups, organisations and businesses. So if you’d like to join a great group of people and see our community shine, then contact us, and together we can shape the appreciation for arts and what the true meaning of community means.

Upcoming events include A Moore Park Beach Christmas on Saturday 17th December 2022; Australia Day celebrations on 26th January 2023; and the Moore Park Beach Arts Festival on Friday, 18th and Saturday, August 19th, 2023.