About Us

At Moore Park Beach Art Inc., our volunteer committee is formed by dedicated locals who advocate and engage all aspects of the arts.

We have seen that through art and visual engagement and application, that one’s creativity and curiosity inspire artists to create.

Our Motto
To have fun, explore who we are, and allow artists to be as imaginative and innovative as they like during festivals and workshops. We create a space of enjoyment for everyone, including locals, visitors and artists.

Our Vision
We endeavour to support our community while reflecting artists’ multi-layered and diverse skills, be they experienced or novice. Our program dynamically involves and integrates all of the community by utilising the power of art to connect, evolve, grow and engage. We achieve this through activities, events, fundraising and annual events such as the Moore Park Beach Arts Festival and Easter and Christmas festivals.

Additionally, we are incredibly proud that our committee works alongside other local groups such as the Moore Park Lions, The Community Association, The Scouts, local schools, and the Pink House – Coral Coast Cottage Visitor Information Centre. We also support the Kids n Co Halloween activities, Carols by Candlelight, and Australia Day Celebrations.

Support Us

Because we are a not-for-profit organisation that supports the arts and artists, we require the support of our generous community members.

How can you Support us?
Become a volunteer, offer financial aid, sponsor us (we are looking for a Major Sponsor, long-term), become a friend or join our committee.

If you would like to support us in any other way that is not listed, we would love to hear from you, as your support is paramount to our success.

A good community that comes together as one inspires, beautifies and builds a sense of pride.

A good community instils values and forms an identity, guiding others to contribute.

A good community raises awareness, tells stories of significance and leads the way for expansion and growth.

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Become a Friend of Moore Park Beach Arts Inc

Friends are essential, aren’t they? At Moore Park Beach Arts Inc., we certainly think so!

That’s why you’re invited to join us to Become a Friend of our community art association.

Why Join Us?
They say it takes a village, and we certainly agree. By becoming a friend, we feel that this allows more fun, more art, more festivals, more workshops, and more supporting our wonderful Moore Park Beach Community and the surrounding regions.

What Can You Do?

  • For just $10 in loose change, you can participate with us as little or as much as you like by becoming a financial member. If joining us is all you’d like to do, we value that as a grateful contribution.
  • Or, you can help us with direct hands-on support at events and activities.
  • Or, you may enjoy helping with promotions, marketing, raffle sales and seeking donations in the lead-up to events.

There are so many ways we can help each other. Knowing that the committee has Friends ready to lend a hand is a great relief and a massive support for our community.

Therefore, we believe you should be rewarded for being a supporter and Friend of Moore Park Beach Arts Inc. Below are a few examples of the rewards you receive as you Become a Friend:

  • A 10% discount on any events/activities held by the Moore Park Beach Arts Festival Inc. For example, 10% off art entry fees at the festival, 10% off event tickets, and 10% off the workshops we host.
  • Friends will receive email updates on upcoming events, activities and workshops, including early-bird registration offers.
  • For Friends who are artists, you have the opportunity to join us in the “Friends of MPB Arts Festival Inc.” section in the annual art show, which of course, allows you to win prize money. We also have a dedicated display wall at the Community Hall where we showcase the artwork of our Friends.
  • We offer local artists and artisans promotions through our online social media presence and website.

Please note: An annual fee of $10 per person will follow our year, from AGM to AGM (usually held in February).

We hope you will join us and Become a Friend, where you can enjoy being part of the enthusiasm that brings more artistic fun and flair to our Moore Park Beach community.

Our Community

Moore Park Beach is a short distance from Bundaberg, where you will be spoilt for choice. There are uninterrupted panoramic views for 18 km, where you can take in the spectacular views of the beach, grab fish and chips, or swim the day away. The southern end is dog friendly, so bring the whole family. Moore Park Beach isn’t just a beach; it’s a community built on friendship, beauty, and memories.

What’s at Moore Park Beach?

  • SLS
  • Tavern
  • Iga shopping complex
  • Petrol Station
  • Doctors
  • Schools
  • Hairdresser
  • Childcare
  • Community centre for classes such as art and yoga
  • Bus services
  • Skate park and swings
  • Caravan park
  • Bowls club
  • Moore Park Beach Arts Inc.
  • Accommodation

So, take a 15 minute drive from Bundaberg today, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised at all the facilities and attractions Moore Park offers.


While typically not your first port of call for turtle nesting and hatching, Moore Park Beach has several turtles that call the pristine stretch of beach their home. Reporting directly to the DES, a local group of volunteers are assisting in the long term survival of the loggerhead turtles.

So when you are enjoying a nightly stroll along the beach, be mindful of what may be happening around you. Or, ideally, contact the Mon Repos Conservation Centre for a tour with a Ranger at Mon Repos, again a short drive from Bundaberg.

Shopping Centre

Moore Park Beach is more than just a beach. Locals choose to live here due to the rural setting on acreage size blocks. But what draws people to invest are unexpected facilities from a beachside community.

As you drive into Moore Park, you will notice the petrol station. The local shopping centre with over ten speciality shops is not far from there. The local IGA has everything you need, including stocking speciality items Bundabergians, specifically take a drive down to buy. And don’t forget about the Bakery, bottle-o, and chemist. Most things you’d expect to find in a big city are right here at Moore Park Beach.