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If you are an artist or someone who appreciates the arts, Moore Park Beach Arts Inc. is an avid community organisation that promotes local artists. Throughout the year, people are enticed to participate in workshops and attend numerous regular events aimed at supporting and empowering locals and artists who choose to showcase their creativity. Here an opportunity for connection among fellow artists and like-minded people is formed.

Yearly, locals and tourists flock to attend our community festivals such as the Moore Park Beach Arts Festival and the Christmas Festival. Each event highlights different themed artistic collaborations that culminate in culture, arts and community. Our festivals are a pure celebration and expression of individuality throughout the Bundaberg Region.


Join us for the Moore Park Beach Arts Festival in August! Junior Launch and Art Awards Friday 16th August. Arts Festival Saturday 17th August.

Have some EXTRA FUN with the kids these Easter Holidays

GET THE KIDS INVOLVED IN THE ONLINE EASTER HOLIDAY HUNT Join our Online Easter Holiday Hunt and you will go in the draw to win a Cha Cha Chocolate Hamper and other goodies. Each day between Easter Sunday 31st March and Sunday April 7 on our social media we will share a new item to find. Find them all and send us a photo of your collection to go in the draw. Your items can be from the garden, the beach, a picture you drew, or something you make, there are no limits. We love to see your creativity. You must like each post and comment with your favourite Emoji so we know you are taking part. Tag a local so everyone can join in 🙂 DAY 1 - Find something PURPLE DAY 2 - Something SHINY or SPARKLY DAY 3 - Something with WHEELS Day 4 - Something that is SQUARE or RECTANGULAR Day 5 - Something you found at the BEACH Day 6 - A wild MUSHROOM Day...

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Moore Park Beach Arts Inc. pays Tribute to its Longest Standing Supporter and Patron of the Festival, Pat Walker. RIP.

Moore Park Beach Arts Inc. pays Tribute to its Longest Standing Supporter and Patron of the Festival, Pat Walker. RIP.

In honour of the immense passion and commitment of the late Pat Walker to our small seaside town, at Moore Park Beach Arts Inc., we pay our deepest respect and admiration. Pat’s tireless support and promotion for the art and beauty of our lands, our skies, our...

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